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Voting for Republicans Will Harm Our Country

Chaos vs. competency. Fiction vs. fact. Criminality vs. law and order. Tax cuts for the wealthy vs. helping Americans. Social Security for seniors vs. enriching corporations. Increased violence vs. sensible gun control. Government shutdowns vs. capable governance. Worsening climate conditions vs. saving our environment. That’s the scenario if the Republicans take over Congress next year. And that’s not just what Democratic politicians are saying in their bid to stay in control of Congress; that’s straight out of the Republican playbook. Republicans have no legislative agenda, no plans except for investigating and/or impeaching the Biden Administration. Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., stated Republicans will shut down the government, “unless President Joe Biden walks back ... his signature climate change, tax and health care legislation.” Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., told donors, lobbyists and senators in December 2021 that Republicans are only planning to attack Biden and th
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Overturning legitimate elections a real horror story

Fall is my favorite season. I love switching to winter foods and sweaters after a hot summer. I love the bright leaves and the pumpkins surrounded by yellow chrysanthemums on porches. But mostly I love the spooky atmosphere, Halloween, dark gothic movies and little witches trick or treating. I love being scared by fiction, however, not real life, and in our real life, America has become a place threatened by some terrifying stuff — way worse than vampires and zombies. America could possibly no longer be a democracy after the November Congressional midterms. If this were a horror movie, this moment would be that moment — you know it — when the group of cute lost teens decide that going into the creepy house in the middle of the woods is actually a good idea. When the viewer says, “Oh, no! Don’t go in there!” And of course, they do, and all hell breaks loose. Because the cute teens have walked straight into a terror that they’ll never be free from. So will the American public if the Repu

It's time to give Jennifer Lewis a chance

Quietly, and without any press coverage, the Biden administration continues its commitment to the American people by making sure baby formula is readily available. On Sept. 7, the administration completed the 22 mission of Operation Fly Formula, which has now flown in more than 85 million, 8-ounce bottle equivalents. Each time I drive by my neighborhood Citgo station, I see the price of gas is lower than the day before. They are just two of many accomplishments to improve life in America. President Joe Biden has had the most successful first two years of any president in history. When he came into office, he faced a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan plan concocted by former President Donald Trump and the Taliban; military officials here noted that the collapse of the Afghan government was linked to Trump’s deal to withdraw U.S. troops. Biden had no choice but to honor this deal. Biden also faced a botched response to a virus that has killed more than one million Americans. The Trump

Republican politicians refuse to help Americans

  J ust when you think the Republican leadership can’t get any more vile, it does. On July 28 the Senate passed a reconciliation package to make drugs cheaper, plug tax loopholes for corporations and the extremely wealthy, and invest in switching the economy away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy. In other words, a bill that would go a long way toward addressing the systemic inequalities in this country and toward tackling the climate catastrophe caused by fossil fuel corporations. If this bill wins in the House, it’s a Biden Administration victory, and a big win for us, the American people. Shortly after, the Senate passed the CHIPS bill (Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors) which appropriates $280 billion to speed up the manufacturing of semiconductors in the U.S. and to invest in scientific research and development in computers and artificial intelligence. Also a big win for President Joe Biden and a boost to the American industrial sector. However, m